Welcome to the Saadiyat Beach Junior Academy

We are striving to develop the next generation of golfers through our Junior Development Programme, Par 3 Junior Tour and Schools Programme. 


Learn to play the game and embark on your development journey

The Viya Golf Junior Development Programme is the No. 1 and most complete Learning, Development & Lifestyle product for junior golfers in the Middle East. “Where Champions Are Made”. JDP is a structured and competitive platform designed to ignite and nurture children's golf skills and passion. 

Juniors can discover the game of golf in a fun and safe environment, developing skills and athletic ability while progressing through each level.

The JDP Journey – tiering system

  • Bronze – Complete beginner
  • Silver – Intermediate
  • Gold - Advanced
  • Platinum – Elite

Each term ends with “assessment day” – a skillset competition so we can track our player’s performance in time a divide them into correct tiers not only by age but ability as well.


  • 8 X 60-minute weekly group lesson with PGA Professionals
  • Use of practice facilities throughout duration of programme
  • All golf equipment provided 

Junior Development Programme Schedule

Day Time
Monday 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Tuesday 5.00pm - 6.00pm
Friday 4pm - 5pm or 5.pm - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 9am or 9am - 10am
Sunday 8.30am - 9.30am


Programme Pricing

Tier Pricing (Members) Pricing (Guests)
Bronze (Beginner) AED 750 AED 900
Silver (Intermediate) AED 750 AED 900
Gold (Advanced) AED 1,125 AED 1,350
Platinum (Elite) AED 1,125 AED 1,350


Junior Development Programme Enquiry

Par 3 Junior Tour

Par 3 Junior Tour

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new junior golf tournament series, the "Viya Golf PAR3 Junior Tour." This tour is designed to provide juniors, regardless of their age and level of experience, with a structured and competitive platform to further develop their golf skills and passion. The Tour consists of 8 tournaments, followed by a Grand Final.

Par 3 Junior Tour Dates will be announced in September 2024

To ensure that all participants have a fair chance to succeed, the Viya Golf PAR3 Junior Tour features two categories based on age. This way, every child can participate and have an opportunity to win amazing prizes.

Schools Programme

Viya Golf Academy Schools Programme

At Viya Golf Academy, we're on a mission to bring the joy of golf into the lives of young students. Our Schools Program is a unique initiative aimed at schools in our neighborhood, and it's designed to be much more than just a golf program. It's an educational journey that encompasses both the theoretical and practical aspects of the sport.

What Sets Our Schools Program Apart?

Interactive Golf Presentations: We don't just talk about golf; we bring the golf course to your school. Our interactive golf presentations introduce students to the world of golf through engaging, hands-on activities. It's a dynamic way to learn about golf's rich history and the fundamentals of the game.

SNAG Golf: We provide a soft clubs solution through SNAG Golf. This means students can experience golf with ease and safety, making it accessible to all. SNAG Golf simplifies the learning process and ensures that everyone can enjoy golf, regardless of their experience level.

Afterschool Programs: Looking to continue the golf journey beyond the school day? Our afterschool programs are designed to cater to students from various grades and classes. It's an opportunity for them to refine their skills, build camaraderie, and discover their potential as golfers.

EGF and R&A Support: Our Schools Program is proudly supported by the Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) and the R&A, the governing body for golf worldwide. We're part of the "Golf Sixies league," a global initiative that introduces golf to young players in an exciting and accessible format.

If you're a school looking to enhance your curriculum with the world of golf, we're here to help. Our Schools Program is designed to make golf accessible, educational, and fun for students of all ages.